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Environmental Policy

Basic principles

  • Below is our mission statement (corporate principles) as a cosmetic manufacturer. We, TOYO BEAUTY, not only create brighter society through cosmetics but also bring happiness and prosperity to our company and employees.
  • Under this corporate principle, we promote business activities that contribute to the formation of social infrastructure in harmony with the environment. We will fulfill the social responsibility for sustainable development of society.

Basic principles

To realize our corporate principles, we promote environmental preservation activities by all the divisions from R&D to Production with following principles. The activities must be conducted voluntarily on a global and regional basis.

  1. 1.We positively promote offering activity, production, and service in harmony with the environment. We endeavor to improve the environment and to prevent contamination.
    1. (1) We take untiring efforts to improve our technical capabilities and positively propose development design considering safety, security, and the environment.
    2. (2) To contribute for prevention of global warming, we promote rational use of energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
    3. (3) We promote resource saving, garbage reduction and separation, and use of eco-friendly goods to contribute to structuring a recycling-based economic society.
  2. 2.By our voluntary environmental preservation activities, we will achieve continuous improvement.
    1. (1) We improve the environmental performance by setting up the purpose and the goal of an environment, execution, and periodical review.
    2. (2) We improve the environmental management system by the periodical audit.
  3. 3.We comply with laws, regulations, and other requirements related to the environment.
  4. 4.We promote understanding of environmental management system and the enhancement of environmental awareness to the employees and related parties.
  5. 5.We contribute to make better regional environment through the communication with neighborhood and regional society.
  6. 6.We disclose our environmental policies.

June 27st, 2017
Katsunobu Masui

ISO14001: Environmental management system (ISO14001:2015)

All business sites are in accordance with the environmental management system specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in April, 2006 (Design, development, and manufacturing of cosmetics and quasi-drugs.)

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