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About OEM/ODM cosmetics

Comprehensive assist for from making the concept of cosmetics to developing formulation

We assist you comprehensively from planning and formulation development to production with our fulfilling R&D power. If you wish to join cosmetic industry, consider outsourcing production, or selling Made-in-Japan cosmetics of high quality, safe and reassurance, please leave them to us.

Formulation development.Develop products with higher value.Our R&D staffs will make your plan come true.To offer you better products, we assess not only development, stability, and safety but also functionality. We will carefully listen to customer's evaluation for submitted sample and repeatedly make improvement with a customer until we determine the final formulation.
New entry.Wish to join cosmetic industry? We will assist comprehensively for analyzing the market and developing formulations with latest technology.Please do not hesitate to consult us at any time. We are willing to hear your request.
Proposal.Our professional staff from each field will gather all the necessary information and propose you a plan. This plan will be based on market analysis, latest raw material information and leading-edge technology.  Your concept will complete by combining your idea with this.We look forward to hearing from personnel of planning, R&D, sales and purchase divisions.
Product Trustee. For Made-in-Japan cosmetics with high quality, safety, and reassuarance please contact us. To customers who want to outsource the production division.Because of the problems concerning facilities and production costs, you don't have to give up your cosmetics any more. We can offer to manufacture for you. If you have problems such as lack of production facilities, high manufacturing costs and/or unable to manufacture in mass production, we are here for solutions. Our 3 factories located in the west and the east Japan with one of the top ranked production facilities in cosmetic industry, will accept 'your formulation' and 'products that have already been sold'. Moreover we can supply designated raw and packaging materials for you or we can accept your sourced materials. Our flexible production system is ready to accept both cases.

Our product range:

We handle various items; cosmetics (lotion and beauty essence), hair care (shampoo and hair grower) and body care (Bath additive).

Skin care
Toner/Lotion/Cream/Serum/make-up remover / Sunscreen/Mask

Hair care
Shampoo/Conditioner/Leave-in treatment/Hair-grower

Body care
Body wash/ Body lotion/Body cream/Body milk/Bath additives

Your Inquiry/Consultation. If interested in Made-in-Japan OEM/ODM cosmetics, please contact us. E-mail.

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We received "Osaka's Excellent Manufacturing Company Prize" from the Osaka Prefectural Government.

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