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Our strength as a Cosmetic OEM/ODM manufacturer

If you wish to commercialize your idea, please contact us.
We will comprehensively assist you from planning, production, to quality control. And of course we welcome to accept several parts of work, too.
Our strength by various experiences in the cosmetic OEM/ODM will realize your requests.

We assist comprehensively from planning, formulation development to delivery.

Flexible and quick response by cooperation of Sales, R&D, and Production staffs who well versed in cosmetic OEM/ODM.

The Innovation Center (Central Research Center) in Osaka City cooperates with Ueno Factory, production base in West Japan. The Utsunomiya Research Center which established within the Utsunomiya Factory 1, cooperates with Utsunomiya factory (factory 1&2), production base in East Japan. Therefore, both R&D in the west and the east Japan easily cooperate with production sites. Thus the process of development, trial, and mass production test is smooth and quick. Sales bases are located in Osaka and Tokyo, also in the west and east Japan. These frameworks makes possible to respond flexibly to various customer demands.

We pursue creating cosmetics backed by functionality.

We have Assessment Division in R&D. This division will assess functionality, safety, stability and microbiology of the product. Therefore we are able to create product backed by scientific functionality.
We'd like to ensure customer's trust by pursuing the effect of functional cosmetics to the human skin and providing safety and reassurance based on scientific data.

Sales Staff with scientific knowledge will comprehensively assist you.

Our staffs in Sales Division are mostly graduates from science course. In addition, to become a sales person, taking training course at R&D is mandatory. Therefore our Sales Staffs are able to assist you with a scientific point of view.

Capable to respond to high-mix low volume to mass production.

We own Ueno factory in west Japan and Utsunomiya Factory 1&2 in east Japan. With these 3 factories in 2 different bases, we allow flexible production systems which meet various customer demands from high-mix low volume to mass production. Moreover, each factory is designed fully considering sanitary conditions and conforming to ISO and cosmetic GMP.

Strict quality control system

Since cosmetics are used for a human skin, it is vital to be reliable from the end user and we are confident about it.
The following link is detail about each test item on 3 stages of development, production, and delivery and process.

Your Inquiry/Consultation. If interested in Made-in-Japan OEM/ODM cosmetics, please contact us. E-mail.

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