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Cosmetic OEM/ODM Workflow

If you have a cosmetic product that you wish to commercialize, please contact to us.
We provide you a proposal of product, development of formulation, production and delivery. Our services will be the answer to your request of 'I wish there were such cosmetics'.

Your request
Let's start your project together!
First of all, please tell us your thoughts, dreams and request.
Our well-experienced professionals will listen to your request, 'I wish to create such cosmetic.' or 'I wish there were such cosmetic.' We assist you comprehensively to realize your thought about cosmetic.
We look forward to hearing from personnel of planning, R&D, sales and purchase divisions.

Proposal, trial, development
Let's open the door to your dream.
"The one staff for the one product" Our well-experienced staff will take charge from the beginning to the end of formulation development.
For prototype development, the same staff will be in charge for one formulation; therefore the same staff is responsible throughout the progress. Our staff will make continuous improvement and review until you satisfy with the result especially the texture.

Your dreams and hope expands!
We propose a plan with a fulfilling story line.
We propose you a product which likely to realize but not actually and be able to commercialized quickly according to your concept.
Your thoughts will become a reality by our R&D staff's capability. We have a professional point of view, an ability of collecting suitable information, and a knowledge of using highly advanced technology.

Stability, safety and functionality assessment
Preparation to realize your dream.
To be sure the products are safe to use, we will conduct various kinds of tests and assessments.
To check the efficacy of formulation, we will use latest equipment for testing. Moreover, to be sure the products are safe to use, we will strictly check its stability and safety.

Laws and regulation check
We help to check conformity of indicated contents on packages with laws and regulations. We also help to submit application to public institution.
It is vital to observe and check the regulations. Moreover, we will submit application to the authority for you.
(Note) There might be a case we couldn't support for all laws and regulations depending on country or region.

Production, commercialize
Finally your dream comes true.
Our superb production system backed up by plentiful experience and performance will ensure the quality of the products.
With our long-term accumulated experience and technology since our foundation, we are able to handle various agent types of products with high standard of quality. Our factories conform to ISO certification and cosmetic GMP. We will flexibly accept various kinds of your order from small-quantity to mass production. We will deliver you safe and reliable products based on strict quality control system.
  • Your request
  • Proposal, trial, development
  • Presentation
  • Assessment of stability, safety and functionality
  • Regulatory check
  • Production, commercialization

Your Inquiry/Consultation. If interested in Made-in-Japan OEM/ODM cosmetics, please contact us. E-mail.

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