If you have a cosmetic product that you wish to commercialize,
please contact to us.

We provide comprehensive support covering product proposals, Formulation Development, production and delivery.
We also offer dedicated services for confirming your products' compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Presentations.

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    Customer Requests

    First, please tell us your thoughts, dreams and requests. Our experienced professionals will listen to your request, for creating a cosmetic with the exact features and qualities you are looking for. We provide comprehensive assistance in realizing the cosmetic you envision. We look forward to hearing from you whether you work in product planning, R&D, sales or purchasing.

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    Proposal, Trial Production and Development

    "One staff for one product." Our well-experienced staff will take charge from the beginning to the end of Formulation Development. For prototype development, the same staff will be in charge of one formulation from start to finish, monitoring progress throughout. Our staff focus on making continuous improvements and review the formulations until you are satisfied with the results, especially in terms of texture.

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    We offer proposals with a compelling story line. We propose common-sense products not yet in existence that can be quickly commercialized according to your product concept. We will help bring your thoughts to life with our R&D staff's expert capabilities. We mobilize our professional expertise, our ability to collect pertinent information, and our knowledge of highly-advanced technology to better serve you.

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    Stability, Safety and Functionality Assessments

    To ensure products are safe to use, we conduct various tests and assessments. To check the efficacy of a formulation, we use the latest equipment for testing. Moreover, to guarantee a product is safe to use, we make sure to strictly check its stability and safety features.

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    Verifying Laws and Regulations

    We assist in confirming whether content indicated on packages conforms with related laws and regulations. We also help our customers submit their applications to official institutions. It is essential to confirm and observe all relevant regulations. As such, we will even submit applications to the authorities concerned on your behalf.
    (Note) There may be cases where we cannot offer support for every law and regulation, depending on the country or region.

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    Production, commercialize

    Our first-class production system backed by our extensive experience and record of performance ensures the quality of our products. Thanks to the long history of experience and technology accumulated since our founding, we are able to handle various agent-type products with a high standard of quality.
    Our factories conform with ISO certifications and cosmetic GMPs. With their support, we are able to flexibly accept various kinds of orders from small-quantity lots to mass-produced product lines. We promise to deliver you safe and reliable products with our strict quality control system.

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    Only products that meet our high quality standards will be delivered to customers.

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