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Utsunomiya Factory 2

Pursue the environment of hygienic production.Correspond to production of many kinds in small quantities. In addition, Utsunomiya Factory 2, the factory for high-mix low-volume production, supplements Factory 1 for mass production.

Utsunomiya Factory 2 Started operation on January 2009. This factory is well considered about hygiene, and has relatively small vacuum emulsification mixers (350L-3,600L). Therefore, it responds to manufacture many items of small quantities. Moreover, Factory 2 is located next to Factory 1 and has a role to supplement Factory 1 by the different characteristics. With these two factories, we have built a production system which enables to respond to various kinds of needs of customers.

Hygienic environment for production

To avoid contamination at production process, we adopted two high-speed shutters with interlock system at the entrance of material and raw material warehouses. Furthermore, we fully care about the hygiene aspect, such as the air shower room which is not only for humans, but also for package materials brought into the filling room.

Mixing Equipment Vacuum emulsification mixers (350L-3,600L)
Filling and packaging facilities Tube filling equipment
Liquid filling equipment
Cream filling equipment
Shrink film packaging equipment

Factory Information

  • Address: 38-5, Hagadai, Haga-machi Haga-gun, Tochigi
  • Building area (Floor area) 6,900m2

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Environmental Activity Status
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Environmental Policy
Introducing our environmental policy
Environmental Activity Status
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Acquiring environmental management system, "ISO14001" certification.
Acquiring quality management system, "ISO9001" certification.
We acquired certification for "ISO 22716" of Cosmetic GMP Guideline.
We received "Osaka's Excellent Manufacturing Company Prize" from the Osaka Prefectural Government.

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