Utsunomiya Factory 2

In addition to supplementing mass production operations at Factory 1, Utsunomiya Factory 2 supports low-volume multi-type manufacturing and promotes hygienic practices throughout its production environment.

Utsunomiya Factory 2 began operation in January 2009. This factory focuses on maintaining the highest level of hygiene, and features a lineup of comparatively small-sized vacuum emulsification mixers (380L-3,600L). As such, it supports production of a wide range of items in small quantities. Factory 2 is also located next to Factory 1, which allows it to supplement Factory 1's operations with its complementary functions and features. By mobilizing these two factories, we have succeeded in building a production system capable of responding to the various needs of our customers.

  • Address
    38-5, Hagadai, Haga-machi Haga-gun, Tochigi, 321-3325, JAPAN
    Site area
    Site area 42,922㎡ / Building area (Floor area) 6,900㎡
    Manufacturing Facilities
    Vacuum emulsification mixers(380L〜3,600L)
    Filling and packing facilities
    Tube filling equipment / Liquid filling equipment / Cream filling equipment / Shrink film packaging equipment / Pouch filling equipment / Filling line with four side (4-way) sealing packaging equipment
  • Hygienic Production Environment

    To avoid contamination during production processes, we have adopted two high-speed shutters equipped with interlock systems at the entrance of our material and raw material warehouses. Furthermore, we care deeply about hygiene, as demonstrated by our air shower room, which is designed both for employees and package materials brought into the filling room.