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Corporate History

Below is the history of TOYO BEAUTY since establishment on 1941.

1941 Kenjiro Iwase established "Kotobuki Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd."
1945 Start manufacturing and distributing of cosmetics with PRINCE trademark.
1969 Expansion of manufacturing departing of Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and quasi-drugs with paid up capital up to 30 million Japanese Yen.
At the same time the company name was changed to "TOYO BEAUTY CHEMICAL."
1972 Start manufacturing for Fabergé cosmetics (USA).
1973 Start manufacturing for MAXFACTOR (USA).
1974 Start manufacturing for Dr. Dralle (Germany)
1975 Start manufacturing for Unilever (UK)
1976 The company name became current "TOYO BEAUTY Co., Ltd."
1990 New Tsukuba Factory is founded in East Japan.
1994 Exclusive Agent Agreement with Intercos in Italy
1997 Increased capital to 37.5 million Japanese Yen.
1998 Increased capital to 45 million Japanese Yen.
1999 New Ueno Factory is founded in Mie, West Japan.
Certification Acquisition of ISO9001.
2001 New Utsunomiya Factory is founded in Tochigi, East Japan.
Tokyo Sales Office is opened.
2006 Certification Acquisition of ISO14001.
Tokyo Branch Office is opened.
2009 Utsunomiya Factory 2 is founded.
Utsunomiya Research Center is founded.
2010 Tokyo Branch Office is relocated
2013 Head Office is relocated.
Former Head Office renamed to Innovation Center.
2014 Major expansion of Innovation Center at Central Research Center
2015 Major expansion of Utsunomiya Research Center
2016 Certification Acquisition of ISO22716.

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Acquiring environmental management system, "ISO14001" certification.
Acquiring quality management system, "ISO9001" certification.
We acquired certification for "ISO 22716" of Cosmetic GMP Guideline.
We received "Osaka's Excellent Manufacturing Company Prize" from the Osaka Prefectural Government.

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