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Utsunomiya Factory 1

Production base in the East Japan. Utsunomiya Factory 1, Facilities with great capacity mixer and High-speed filling machine, for the needs of Mass production.

Utsunomiya Factory 1, started operation on January 2002, is the cosmetic OEM factory suitable for mass production. Great capacity vacuum emulsification mixer of 12,000L and high-speed filling machine are equipped. Various kinds of cosmetics such as shampoo, conditioner, liquid body wash, and foaming face wash are manufactured continuously.

Production facilities for mass and continuous production

Utsunomiya Factory 1 is the factory of mass and continuous production with complete automation line which works for filling, packing, and loading to the palette. 24-hour production is also available. Filling machines for various kinds of containers such as pouch, bottle, and tube construct a production framework to respond to various customer needs.

Mixing Equipment Vacuum emulsification mixers (3,600L-12,000L)
Filling and packaging facilities Tube filling equipment
Liquid filling equipment
Cream filling equipment
Pouch filling equipment

Utsunomiya Research Center (R&D) in the factory

For more customer satisfaction

We established R&D within the Factory 1. By the cooperation between Development Division and Production Division, we will be able to make progress of formulation development, trail production and mass-production smoothly. Moreover we are capable of swift corresponding to the problems which arose at production stage.

Environmental consideration

Utsunomiya Factory is surrounded with rich nature in the east of beatiful Kinugawa river. We make an effort to minimize enviromental loads. The exhaust water for washing equipments and pipelines is cleaned up with exclusive water treatment plant to meet the enviromental criteria.

ISO22716 Cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Utsunomiya Factory 1 and Factory 2 have gained certificate of Cosmetic GMP ''ISO 22716:2007'' on March 2014. (Production, control, storage and shipping of cosmetic and quasi-drug)

Factory Information

Your Inquiry/Consultation. If interested in Made-in-Japan OEM/ODM cosmetics, please contact us. E-mail.

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Environmental Activity Status
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Environmental Policy
Introducing our environmental policy
Environmental Activity Status
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Acquiring environmental management system, "ISO14001" certification.
Acquiring quality management system, "ISO9001" certification.
We acquired certification for "ISO 22716" of Cosmetic GMP Guideline.
We received "Osaka's Excellent Manufacturing Company Prize" from the Osaka Prefectural Government.

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