Utsunomiya Factory 1

Our Production Base in East Japan
Utsunomiya Factory 1 is equipped with a large capacity mixer and high-speed filling machine, so it can meet the requirements of mass production.

Utsunomiya Factory 1 began operation in January 2002, as a cosmetic ODM/OEM factory optimized for mass production operations.
It is equipped with a large capacity 12,000L vacuum emulsification mixer and high-speed filling machines.
Here, various types of cosmetics, such as shampoos, conditioners, liquid body washes, and foaming face washes, are continuously manufactured.

  • Address
    38-5, Hagadai, Haga-machi Haga-gun, Tochigi, 321-3325, JAPAN
    Site area
    Site area 42,922㎡ / Building area (Floor area) 13,900㎡
    Manufacturing Facilities
    Vacuum emulsification mixers(3,600L〜12,000L)
    Filling and packing facilities
    Tube filling equipment / Liquid filling equipment / Cream filling equipment / Pouch filling equipment / BIB equipment
  • 化粧品GMP
  • ISO22716:Good Manufacturing Practices

    Utsunomiya Factory 1 and Factory 2 have gained certificate of Cosmetic GMP ''ISO 22716:2007'' on March 2014. (Production, control, storage and shipping of cosmetic and quasi-drug)

    • Registered quality management system, ISO 9001 in September, 2004.
    • Acquired environmental management system, ISO 14001 in April 2006.
    • Acquired cosmetic GMP - GMP guideline of ISO 22716 in March 2014.
  • Environmental consideration
  • Environmental Considerations

    Utsunomiya Factory is surrounded by the rich nature that extends east from the beautiful Kinugawa river. Here, we make every effort to minimize our environmental impact. Waste water resulting from the washing of equipment and pipelines is cleaned at our dedicated water treatment plant to ensure we meet our environmental objectives.

  • Utsunomiya Research Center
  • Utsunomiya Research Center (R&D) Adjoining Factory 1

    We established this R&D center within Utsunomiya Factory 1. Through the coordination efforts between our Development and Production divisions, we have successfully streamlined and advanced our Formulation Development, trail production and mass-production operations. Moreover, we are now capable of swiftly responding to any problems that may arise during production.